Audio Doctor
Audio Doctor

Repairing Audio equipment not only requires a fundimental knowledge of electronics and a keen eye for mechanical assemblies, but also top notch test equipment to verify the job was done correctly and verify the equipment is performing to the manufacturer's published specifications. To that end, I have equipped AudioDoctor with an Audio Precision ATS  Test Set that allows

  • Level test (two channels simultaneously)
  • Noise or signal-to-noise ratio (wideband,weighted, or selective)
  • THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise)
  • Interchannel phase or phase shift through a device
  • Real-time frequency- selective crosstalk
  • Wow and Flutter
  • SINAD (ratio of [signal + noise + distortion] to [noise + distortion])
  • Loading (AC resistance of the input of a device)

In addition, this unit prints out a graph and table of it's measurements. A very comprehensive device, it is capable of quickly processing information that previously required collection of individual data points and manual processing. By a large margin, my most significant investment in test equipment.

Amplifiers, Preamps, Tape Decks and Receivers are evaluated with this remarkable unit.

FM Tuner and Multiplex alignments are done with a newly added Panasonic VP-8132A generator, which allows adjustment precision not possible previously. Used in conjunction with the Audio Precision unit, a tuner can be aligned for optimum sensitivity, maximum separation, and lowest distortion. Audio from a properly set up tuner is a joy to hear.


Unfortunately, I can no longer take in any subwoofers or loudspeakers. Also, most tape decks.

Tube equipment has a special place in my heart. I enjoy the aura of tubes, and I stock resistors and capacitors for these units as well as a good stock of tubes. Antique Electronic Supply is literally around the corner from my shop; they are the largest supplier of tubes and related parts in the world. In addition, I am a dealer for V-Caps, the Premier Reference capacitor for your tube equipment.

Lots of folks ask about re-capping and restoration. That's a big chunk of what I do, please Email me for more information.

I try to maintain a reasonable backlog. Usually, I'm able to evaluate your equipment within a day or so of it's arrival. I will contact you with my evaluation, the cost of the job, and how long it's likely to take. I stock many OEM and generic parts, further reducing your downtime. Upon approval and parts acquisition, I strive to have your equipment done and shipped the same day it is through with the testing phase. I warranty the work I perform for one year, with the exception of tubes and mechanical parts, which are 90 days, for the most part. Damage to equipment from abuse in any form is excluded. Know yer limits!

I do 100% of the work myself. All equipment repaired is evaluated on JBL L-166's, MartinLogan Sequel II's and/or Magnepan MG 3 speakers. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, but so far no one has complained. Due to my extensive evaluation of repaired equipment, my recall rate is very low. None, so far, this year (as of Aug. 6th, 2008)

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Audio Doctor

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