Audio Doctor
Audio Doctor

Repairing Audio equipment not only requires a fundimental knowledge of electronics and a keen eye for mechanical assemblies, but also top notch test equipment to verify the job was done correctly and verify the equipment is performing to the manufacturer's published specifications. To that end, I have equipped AudioDoctor with an Audio Precision ATS  Test Set that allows

  • Level test (two channels simultaneously)
  • Noise or signal-to-noise ratio (wideband,weighted, or selective)
  • THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise)
  • Interchannel phase or phase shift through a device
  • Real-time frequency- selective crosstalk
  • Wow and Flutter
  • SINAD (ratio of [signal + noise + distortion] to [noise + distortion])
  • Loading (AC resistance of the input of a device)

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Audio Doctor

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