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  • Cornell Smith (Sunday, August 10 08 05:44 am EDT)

    Hello all...
    Here, you are welcome to leave comments and thoughts pertaining to anything of importance to you.

  • William J. Dotter (Thursday, August 14 08 11:42 pm EDT)

    McIntosh tuner repair
    Thank you Cornell for the great job of repairing my Mcintosh tube tuner(MR55). Your estimate, tuner restoration, final bill and packing expertise is first class. I look forward to doing business with
    you again in the near future. My 50's Scott mono amp needs some TLC.
    I will give you a 10 out of 10 in workmanship. Thanks.


    Bill Dotter

  • Joseph Hudson (Friday, August 22 08 02:01 am EDT)

    Repair of McIntosh MC7106 and MC225
    Thanks Cornell, I can't thank you enough for the absolutely great job you did. The MC7106 is working perfectly and I just installed the completely updated MC225 last night. Stayed up till 12:00
    listening to CDs and Vinyl. What a great experience. The MC225 drives Khorns and they almost sing. I certainly recommend you to anyone wanting the very best in McIntosh service.

    Best Regards,

  • Chris Martin (Wednesday, September 24 08 05:52 am EDT)


    As always, you performed magic on my McIntosh. The MPI4 looks and performs wonderfully. Employing more than 20 McIntosh components in my system, much of it vintage, it is very important for me to
    have someone to help keep it in pristine condition. You are the best and as I have said many times, you are a good friend as well. Thank you Cornell for all you do.


  • Dale Brock (Saturday, October 11 08 11:33 pm EDT)

    Service on McIntosh, Bang and Olufsen, Klipsch and Revox
    I first met Cornell 25+ years ago when he was working at Hi-Fi Sales. When they closed the doors I was very disappointed. After looking for Cornell for several months I happened to stumble purely by
    accident upon Audio Doctors doing electronic repairs and found that it was Cornell. I was elated!

    Cornell did tune-ups on a pair of McIntosh MC-7270 amplifiers, Beogram 4002 turntable, Revox B77 reel-to-reel and perform a repair on a Klipsch KSW-300 subwoofer. As I had come to expect of Cornell,
    the workmanship was excellent and professional. My home audio system down time was minimal due to his extremely good turn time.

    I was surprised when I reinstalled all of the equipment and was able to go back and listen to the classics on vinyl and tapes. Boy what I was missing!

    I would highly recommend Audio Doctors for electronic repairs to any audio / video components. Cornell gives you the straight and honest answers that consumers deserve and can be trusted to perform
    the work to very high standards and at a reasonable price.

    Cornell, I appreciate the work you have done for me and I am sure that I’ll be a return customer!

  • Joseph Hudson (Saturday, October 18 08 07:00 pm EDT)

    McIntosh MX110
    I've had the MX110 back for over a month and couldn't be happier. Driving a MC225 (another fine example of your work) and Klipsh Khorns. I'm only sorry I don't have any more McIntosh units to send to
    you. There is no way I could be happier with your work and the timely response you gave me.

    Cornell, you're the best. Whatever scale I would use you'd get a perfect score. 10 out of 10 for example.

    Thanks for all of your efforts and taking the time to answer my seemously never ending questions.

    Best Regards,

  • Sean (Tuesday, October 21 08 11:41 pm EDT)

    Pioneer SX-3900
    Hi there, I have a few questions about my new receiver. First of all, I was told on the auction that the volume is "a little touchy." Is this a sign of bad things to come? Also, my speakers are only
    rated to handle frequencies above 30Hz, but I believe the receiver produces frequencies below this. Is this a problem? What can I do about it?

    Thanks for your time.


  • Jean Twidwell (Saturday, January 17 09 07:01 pm EST)

    Vaccum electrostatic panels
    Your suggestion to vaccum my speaker panels really worked. I was even able to see the fine dust my vaccum cleaner removed; it was surprising. I have a noticeable increase in audio clarity.

    Thanks Cornell!

    Bye, Jean

  • Rich Wilson (Thursday, April 23 09 06:18 am EDT)

    Cornell did extensive restoration work on my classic GE 7600 tube amp. His approach was sensitive and insightful. The results were superb!! The amp once again has that strong "like new" feel to it,
    and the warm, rich tube sound was kept 100% original.

    Another unit(MARANTZ 7T)I sent him was having intermittent balance problems. Problems that will not "stay put" are tough to find. The 7T came back working flawlessly.

    Thank you Cornell, you are a true audio mastercraftsman!

  • Scott Mitchem (Wednesday, June 24 09 03:56 am EDT)

    McIntosh MC2105 Service
    I purchased a 30 year old MC2105 about three years ago. Hooked it up for a while and found nothing noteworthy to speak of. However, since that time, I have had several occassions to read the rave
    reviews offered by others as they described their own personal experiences with this particular amp. So, off to the see doctor it went. To describe Cornell Smith as the AudioDoctor is an
    understatement, AudioWizard I believe to be a more appropriate description of the revitalizing nature of his work. I now appreciate the fondness described by others of this vintage piece of
    equipment. My hat is off to this gentleman for restoring my love of the warm glow, friendly nature and finely detailed sound this MAC now delivers. If there's ever a question, this man has the
    answer. Thanks, Cornell.

  • Lou Pulcicchio (Friday, August 21 09 02:36 am EDT)

    MC 2505
    Hi, It's great that you are out there working on these babies! I have an MC2505 amp, a C26 pre and an MR67 Tuner. The amp and pre I have set up and they are working fairly well. However my first
    concerns are cosmetic, the glass on the 2505 is broken; Is it possible to get a part like this, and where? As well none of my units have wood cases, is it at all possible to find those, and where. I
    live in New Jersey do you know anyone good out here who services or has parts for Mc? Thanks so much Lou

  • bill (Tuesday, September 22 09 10:09 pm EDT)

    Turntable - need a stylus or Pre amp
    I have a Miracord 50H using a MC cartridge - low output. The connection on my Amp/receiver accepts only a high output from a turntable.

    Thus do you have a MM cartridge (with Stylus) for High output or the Miracord Pre-amp Kit (PV 9). The PV 9 is a pre amp board that installs inside the turntable. I am guessing using it will allow
    capibility with the Amplifier.

    -bill e.

  • Cornell Smith (Wednesday, September 23 09 03:39 am EDT)

    Miracord 50h
    There are quite a few MC preamps out there that should work fine. Check with Audio Video Choices in Phoenix, they may very well have something in stock that will work.

  • Henry Moore (Friday, November 20 09 08:54 pm EST)

    mx114,mc2505, mq101 and 2 ml-2m speakers
    I just sent you an e-mail. I was thrilled to fine this website and you in Phoenix. I know Frank McIntosh lived on Camelback Mountain in the 80's. My backround included high end retail sales in Menlo
    Park Ca. and as a McIntosh Manfufacture's Rep in Northern California in the 60's.

  • Rich Wilson (Tuesday, December 01 09 07:55 pm EST)

    I ran across a Dyna PAS at a garage sale. It was in working condition but sounded very bad and the tone controls were damaged. I sent it to Cornell---%3E what I got back was astonishing! This unit
    now performs even better than the one I had about 40 years ago. It sounds stunning and everything works perfectly.

  • tom grape (Friday, January 15 10 08:33 pm EST)

    upgrading my old stereo system
    I am in dire need of upgrading my current system. I want to return to a separate preamp and power amp. Are the 30 to 40 year old McIntosh units worth the kind of money the current market demands. I
    have been an admirer of Mac Equipment since my audiophile beginnings in the early 70's, but as a teenager, I couldn't afford it. I am considering a MC2105 power amp at the moment to start with and
    will also need a preamp,too. I've seen these on various websites ranging anywhere from $800 to $1400 with various conditions of the units claimed by the sellers. Is it worth spending this kind of
    money on a 40 year old pwer amp ?

  • sumner Christian (Wednesday, July 21 10 07:32 pm EDT)

    Repair of paint bubbles on MR074 tuner
    How can I repair bubbles in front glass plate of MR-74 tuner? Are there two pieces of glass glued together - cannot tell without trying to separate two pieces. If the glass pieces can be separated,
    what paint should I use to touch-up bubble spots?

    Thanks in advance for a reply,


  • Jeff (Friday, September 24 10 01:53 am EDT)

    Found McIntosh gear
    I just pulled a McIntosh C28 amplifier and McIntosh 250 amp out of my attic. They look to be in decent condition with the 250 looking better than the C28. I don't know if they work or anything, and
    until 5 minutes ago and a google search knew nothing about these products (they are older than I am). Is it worth it to take them to a repair store and see if they are salvageable? Is there really a
    market for these amps? I enjoy music and have a new sony receiver that I use daily to listen to cd's, stream music from a computer etc. . .would I a youngster not familiar with these products be able
    to appreciate their sound/use? Originally I just wanted to get them out of my attic (left there by previous owner) and was set to junk them; any thoughts on what to do with these things?

  • Joe V. (Friday, December 17 10 12:08 am EST)

    McIntosh Tuner MR-78
    After approx. 12 years of neglect (30 years+ of possession!) and moves from Montreal to Ottawa, then Toronto (Canada), and later to Mesa (AZ), I decided to revive my dear old Mac MR-78 tuner - by now
    totally out of sync and "blind on one eye" (sic! the Signal Strength meter!). But being a piece of nostalgia and great emotional attachment (rather expensive in its prime), I hesitated to entrust the
    my MR-78 to a "yellow page specialist". However, the local Valley Mac dealer (LMC), i.e. their Cornell, a fantastic (and not the youngest any more!) McIntosh specialist, saved the day and, as they
    say, the rest is history. Cornell performed miracles on my MR-78, restoring it FULLY to its former glory, all for what I would say a (well...) reasonable fee. But what's the price of regaining the
    enjoyment of one of the (if not THE!) best analogue tuners ever?
    So for all you (lucky!) owners of McIntosh gear in need of repair (or even only a thorough maintenance job) this is the address - I can't recommend him highly enough! Thorough electronics
    craftmanship %26 attention to detail is alive and well in Arizona!
    Joseph Varadi, Mesa AZ 85204

  • Paul Mascetta (Friday, January 21 11 03:58 am EST)

    KEf 107 speakers with kube
    I am interested in purchasing a pair of these speakers .Would you know of anyone that is interested in selling them Thank you for your condsideration Sincerely Paul Mascetta

  • John Villasana (Wednesday, March 30 11 01:38 am EDT)

    Arcam AVR 300 power supply rebuild
    Thanks Cornell for updating the power supply on my Arcam AVR 300. It now sounds better then when new, really much better than I thought a home theater receiver could sound. I am so pleased. I must
    add that your correspondence and advice was so very professional. I felt safe sending you my baby from the start. Wishing you the best, John Villasana

  • David Ashton (Tuesday, May 10 11 07:42 pm EDT)

    ARCAM AVR600 Repair
    My AVR600 failed with no picture or sound and I started searching for an authorized repairer. The various ARCAM message boards complained about poor ARCAM service in the US, so I was nervous that my
    unit may be away for a long time.

    The service from Cornell has been SUPERB. We connected immediately on the first attempt and arranged shipping. Cornell diagnosed the unit within 24 hours of receipt, got the required parts and sent
    it back to me within a few days.

    I think the unit sounds even better than new, if that is possible!!!

    Thank you Cornell and ARCAM

  • Todd Limbert (Saturday, January 21 12 10:12 pm EST)

    Kenwood KA-9100
    The good Doctor was kind enough to repair my 9100 much to my relief and satisfaction! It is nice to deal with a kindred spirit who knows his stuff! Many thanks! Todd

  • Todd Limbert (Thursday, February 02 12 02:34 am EST)

    Denon PMA 501
    Once again,the Doctor(not unlike a certain Baron Frankenstein)brought my Denon back to life with insightful improvisation! I would gladly be your Igor! Thanks Doc!

  • stuart (Monday, February 13 12 10:16 pm EST)

    My Mcintosh mx113 was sounding not so well. Output levels were horribly unbalanced AC hum was very noticeable the old pristine MAC sound was missing. I opted for the Audio Doctor after numerous
    email/phone contacts with other repair facilities. Cornell diagnosed my equipment needs and had parts ordered within a few days of his receiving it. His work brought my tuner/preamp to factory
    specs,I'm totally satisfied. If you are searching for someone capable and knowledgeable, look no further.

  • Rob Taylor (Thursday, March 15 12 08:49 pm EDT)

    Turntable repair
    I had an older Zenith Stereo Console from the 60's that had not worked in years. Pulled the turntable out of the cabinet asked Cornell to diagnose the problems. Due to all of the years of non-use it
    needed lots of attention. Cornell performed all of the repairs expertly and in a timely fashion. He thought the repair would take about two weeks to allow for time to order replacement parts and
    actually make the repairs. I could not be happier with his work. When I returned to pick up the turntable, two weeks later, it looked just like new. He had not only repaired the turntable but had
    cleaned it to perfection. Cannot say enough good things about my experience with Audio Doctor. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. If I ever have another problem with electronic
    equipment I will definitely return to Audio Doctor. A FIVE STAR experience all of the way and then some.

  • Buddy (Monday, April 23 12 10:45 pm EDT)

    Thank You Cornell
    Several weeks ago my Velodyne FSR15 Sub (purchased in 2001) stopped with a loud buzz of protest. I called 6 Velodyne Service Centers and Velodyne HQ and no one would touch it.

    Velodyne HQ suggested that I throw it out and buy a new one. I really didn't want to send it to the bone yard, for 2 reasons - 1. I really liked it, and 2. It the driver and amp were housed in a VERY
    expensive Custom Rosewood Enclosure from Tyler Acoustics in Owensboro, KY.

    After many hours if Internet Search and a dozen useless phone calls, I came across Cornell - "The Audio Doctor."

    He suggested that I pull the amp, send it to him, and that if he couldn't repair it, NO CHARGE! How could I lose????

    Three weeks later the Velodyne is back in my system, thumping away as if nothing had gone wrong. AMAZING!


  • Don Pfau (Saturday, June 23 12 03:38 am EDT)

    Pioneer SX-850 Receiver
    I purchased a vintage 1976 Pioneer receiver on E-Bay for $100 plus shipping. It was not working very well and the relay switch was bad so it would shut off after a few minutes. I love these old
    Pioneers so I wanted to restore it if possible. I was lucky to find Cornell, the Audio Doctor. He charged a small fee to evaluate what had to be done to bring this gem back to life. He called me just
    2 days after I dropped it off and told me everything that had to be done and gave me a very good estimate of what the final cost would be.
    The previous owner had sprayed tuner cleaner on all of the controls and everyone of them had to be removed and cleaned. Cornell even cleaned and oiled the wood! The Pioneer is as good as new. It
    sounds great and looks great. Thanks Cornell for bringing back a part of my past.

  • Joseph Hudson (Tuesday, July 17 12 03:55 am EDT)

    Cornell, I'm overwhelmed. Received my MX110 from you yesterday afternoon. Don't know what's more impressive, the cosmetics or the sound. Maybe it's a tie. Installed it in a pristine L12 cabinet and
    can't wait to show my dad. It looks and sounds like it did when he brought it home in 1963. You fully met my request to do a full restoration. Barbara also sends her compliments on the fine job you
    did. She was very impressed. Best regards Cornell and thanks again.

  • John Mirabile (Thursday, April 11 13 12:40 am EDT)

    McIntosh Restoration
    I want to give my sincere thanks to Cornell. I brought him my beloved but well used MC2105 amplifier to repair and modify. He not only did an exemplary job, but the price was more than fair, and it
    was completed weeks before promised.
    After that great experience, I gave him my Joule Electra preamplifier to repair. I had been told by the manufacturer that it would cost me $600.00 to repair several years ago, so I put it in
    mothballs. Cornell repaired it's minor problem in a couple of days for $80.00!
    Oh, and I forgot to mention that my amp repair was less than quoted because Cornell spent less time on it than expected.
    I moved to AZ from NJ a couple of years ago, and I have found my mechanic. I recommend Cornell highly.

  • Ryan Ellis (Monday, May 20 13 08:46 pm EDT)

    Wow. It is amazing how much better my mx110 sounds after Cornell's work on it.
    It sounds truly amazing. I brought it to him with some major issues that had not been disclosed to me before my purchase. Cornell had no trouble in diagnosing the problems and getting it back to its
    real potential in only a couple of days. Now there is a whole new level of detail and depth in its sound and I couldn't be happier. This is actually my fourth piece of vintage stereo equipment I have
    brought to him and each has been returned to me performing beyond my expectations.

  • Anthony (Tuesday, May 28 13 02:31 am EDT)

    Fisher 400 Repair
    Hello Cornell,

    I've had a few items repaired by you over the years; a marantz 2285b and a pair of pioneer speakers. Anyhow, I've got a fisher 400 that has been recapped recently but it's popping fuses. Are you
    available to take a look at it? In sure it's probably something simple but troubleshooting is not something I've ever been good at.


  • Lee Laatsch (Monday, October 14 13 02:05 am EDT)

    Hi Cornell. Stephen Evans dropped your name so I had to check out your site. I'm impressed. As a side job I do mainly White Oak Audio conversions of the Phase Linear 400's and 700's. Been at this
    only 5 years and still learning everyday. My day job is a partner in an independent oil and gas production company in Gillette, Wyo.
    What prompted my writing in your guestbook was your reference to the AP-ATS-1. I own the AP-ATS-1DD and find it the finest addition to my test equipment, a truly remarkable piece of gear.
    My wife and I spend the new year in the Phoenix area and would love to visit your shop.
    Thanks for your time Sir, Lee Laatsch.

  • Charles Marriott (Sunday, November 10 13 04:40 am EST)

    Reapir of my DV139
    Very responsive and helpful to me, and a very quick repair. The player works brilliantly, like it's brand new. Thank you!

  • Mano (Monday, December 02 13 02:15 am EST)

    Work quality
    Mr C Smith(audiodoctor) Is one of the best professional audio video tecnicion
    I ever known. The quality of work is excellent . He is very honest, very fast and his is the lowest among all. I have known him for several years and I trust him more than anybody.

  • Mano (Monday, December 02 13 02:18 am EST)

    Work quality
    Mr C Smith(audiodoctor) Is one of the best professional audio video tecnicion
    I ever known. The quality of work is excellent . He is very honest, very fast and his price is the lowest among all. I have known him for several years and I trust him more than anybody.

  • Steve Lowe (Tuesday, December 17 13 11:53 pm EST)

    Vintage McIntosh 4280 Receiver
    I'm back in business! Great work. My receiver sounded better. Great communication and expertise. Thanks Cornell, you'll be the first person I will call for audio repair (if I ever need it

  • Randy Kinkel, 89.5 K-BACH (Thursday, January 02 14 06:57 am EST)

    Cornell IS the Audio Doctor!
    I use sophisticated electronics every day on the job, but I have NO knowledge of how to repair it! as a fan/collector of vintage audio equipment, I find a lot of pieces in various stages of
    disrepair. old garrard turntables, KLH speakers, Dual Turntables-- Cornell has fixed them all successfully, quickly, and at reasonable prices. I can't recommend him highly enough!

  • John Randolph (Saturday, January 04 14 04:57 am EST)

    Bang %26 Olufsen 4002
    I had not used this turntable in over 18 years and took it to the Audio Doctor to evaluate and repair it as necessary. Within a couple of days I received an email that the turntable was ready to be
    picked up. After a thorough evaluation, lubrication and repair of the the motor, the turntable performs as it did when I purchased it in 1975. Thanks Cornell for your fast and attentive service!

  • John Nangle (Sunday, January 12 14 11:19 pm EST)

    Cornell has worked on many vintage electronic items for me including tube gear and tuners and does a great job on diagnosis and repair.

  • Austin Smith (Monday, January 13 14 06:52 am EST)

    Hitachi work
    Thanks again for bringing my amp/pre amp back to life Cornell, great work and quick turnaround! Turntable is on the way, Best of the New Year to ya!

  • Timothy Warren (Tuesday, January 14 14 03:29 am EST)

    I was introduced to Cornell through a fellow member of the Arizona Audio/Video Club and could not be happier for having been done so. Cornell went over the amp thoroughly and then in great
    disappointment had to give me the bad news that the repair costs would be somewhat excessive. Yet Vornell did not stop there. He searched around and found me a good quality power amp that an
    aquaintance of his was willing to sell. This is service beyond measure! Thank you Cornell!

  • Aaron Putman (Wednesday, January 29 14 03:33 am EST)

    McIntosh C28 Preamp
    Cornell worked wonders on my C28 preamp. I brought it to him in extremely poor condition. Once Cornell was done it looked brand new and more importantly, It sounds amazing!! Highly Recommend!

  • Rich Nixon (Friday, February 28 14 08:43 pm EST)

    Two McIntosh 2100s
    I've used Cornell's services twice now, to repair %26 tune up both of my MAC 2100 amps. In both cases, he kept me informed of what was happening, cost of repairs and timeframe for completion, and he
    lived up to all promises. The repaired amps sound great, and as a bonus, Cornell is a great guy to trade audiophile war stories with. I drive to Ahwatukee from Apache Junction to bring him business,
    and it's well worth it.

  • Steve (Thursday, April 03 14 12:05 am EDT)

    Heathkit Pro Series Amplifier Repair
    When my 1980 Heathkit Pro Series AA-1600 amplifier dropped a channel, I began looking for vintage audio repair shops in Phoenix and came across the Audio Doctor on the web. Sure, Heathkit is in a
    somewhat different class than the Mcintosh units the Dr. is famous for repairing, but I figgered if folks trusted their Mcintoshes to him, my cherished Heath would be in good hands. I built this amp
    in 1980 and have dragged it (and the rest of this 700-lb system) with me around the country for 34 years. I am finally restoring it after 15 years of storage, and a few issues have appeared.

    Cornell is one of those guys you develop instant rapport with, and I was comfortable with him right away and left the amplifier in his care.

    Well, one week later and the Heath is back 100% - clean, quiet, and powerful, with newly burnished relay contacts, clean pots, and connectors, and a very reasonable repair bill.

    Confidence gained, I also brought him the 1600's big brother - the AA-1800 - to troubleshoot a protection LED lit problem and no audio. A few days later and mission accomplished, again at a
    reasonable price.

    I have found the prescription for any audio issues I may have - the Audio Dr.

    Thanks, Cornell

  • Lewis (Friday, May 02 14 12:13 am EDT)

    Fisher X 101 B
    What can I say. Audio Doc repaired my late father's Fisher
    X 101 B Amplifier. That in itself is priceless. It is also pretty
    nice to have the console working again!

    Great work for a great price, nice to employ the talents of a

  • Lock (Monday, May 12 14 08:15 pm EDT)

    Sansui amp
    Well, my Sansui AU-7700 decided to quit after ONLY
    39 years of service.Got it to Cornell, and in a few days it was back in service. Can't say enough about
    his wonderful service. Thanks Cornell !

  • Don (Thursday, May 22 14 07:11 pm EDT)

    Great work!
    I asked Cornell to work on two pieces of vintage audio equipment that I've owned since they were new in the early 80's, and of high sentimental value. Neither the Sony turntable or the Pioneer
    cassette deck had worked in some time, but Cornell was able to get them both operating condition within days and at a very reasoanble cost. My classic tape and vinyl media once again now have a
    component that will play them. Cornell is a very talented, fair, and trustworthy guy, and I would highly recommend his work with no hesitation.

  • STEVE Y (Wednesday, June 18 14 12:19 am EDT)

    Brought my SONY PSX 40 out of hibernation after 30+ years. Turntable was in great cosmetic shape just needed a service overhaul. Well let me tell you this "Cornell The Audio Doctor" is the answer to
    my needs. I brought my table into Cornell and he explained what could be done and completed the repair in less than 24 hours. He mounted a new Ortofon 2M red cartridge and I am back to enjoying my
    Vinyl collection again!! This is fun and brings back a lot of great memories. Cornell is a very detail oriented professional and takes extra pride in his work and what he does.

    I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend his serves Great JOB!

  • Steve C (Thursday, June 19 14 02:12 am EDT)

    Yamaha CR2020 Receiver
    I shipped my 1978 Yamaha CR2020 Receiver to the "AudioDoctor" and am very pleased with the results. Service was prompt, thorough and reasonably priced. Every step of the repair was explained in
    advance and carried out professionally. The AudioDoctor has a customer for life. I highly recommend the AudioDoctor to anyone with a high end piece of stereo gear that needs repair or a tune up.

  • aull (Friday, June 20 14 04:05 am EDT)

    unbelievably fast,courteous service,,communicative,,great to deal with,,will return,,,thnx!!!!

  • Chris Martin (Saturday, June 21 14 12:30 am EDT)

    McIntosh MPI4
    I trust Cornell The Audio Doctor as the best McIntosh service source in America. That is why I ship my Mc items to him from Illinois even though there are other repair shops in St. Louis. He is the
    best. Thank you Cornell!

  • James Coulthurst (Sunday, July 06 14 01:43 am EDT)

    Marantz 2270
    After two (2) local shops soaked me plenty and still failed to solve my tuning problems with my receiver, I fortunately found Cornell through Audiokarma. Although the shipping costs were strong (a
    2270 weighs 39.5 lbs), the Audio Doctor was certainly the man for the job. Locating the problem(s) was a difficult task, but this man has tenacity and perseverance like no other! My unit is now back
    home and operates beautifully. My advice,friends, is to pay up for the shipping, remain calm while the Dr. operates, and enjoy the work of the very best there is to be had.

  • Gerard Champagne (Monday, July 28 14 01:24 am EDT)

    Vincent SA-T1 Pre Amp
    When my Vincent pre amp lost one channel I begin what looked to be a futile online search for a local repair shop. Finally I found the AudioDoctor web site and Cornell Smith.
    Having been a customer of Hi-Fi Sales for many years I knew the man behind the photo and was very glad to have found him.
    He got my Vincent repaired in a short time and at a very reasonable cost. In addition he gave me some information on how to troubleshoot an intermittent popping noise issue I was having with my
    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cornell to anyone with a system problem.
    Cornell, thanks again for restoring the Vincent SA-T1 and my music listening pleasure.

  • Ron Sextro (Tuesday, September 02 14 06:19 am EDT)

    Oppo dvd player repair
    Just a quick note to thank you for repairing my Oppo Bluray player. Service was extremely prompt and reasonable. Player is working flawlessly again. Outstanding.

  • Steve V (Monday, September 08 14 06:39 am EDT)

    Tandberg TD 20A-SE
    Cornell is a Wizard! In my 40+ years of collecting vintage audio I have dealt with ALL the top techs in the US. This man goes right to the top of the list. The best part is that I just moved to AZ
    and get to visit with him, which is a real treat. If you want the best this is the guy!!

  • Dave Lindner (Thursday, September 18 14 06:13 am EDT)

    Work Evaluation
    Cornell's work is terrific. Work completed in 24 hours compared to 4-8 weeks with other repair shops in and about Phoenix. Equipment works great.

  • Randy Wilson (Wednesday, October 08 14 08:03 pm EDT)

    Hi, I inherited my father's MC60 17 years ago and they have been sitting in a cabinet since. I would like to resurect them and sounds like you might be the guy to make that happen. I come to Arizona
    once or twice a year and could deliver them from northern california. I would have to figure out a time when I could make the trip. I will contact you and discuss the salvation of these amps soon.
    Oh, I have a C20 too.

  • Clay Perry (Thursday, November 06 14 01:34 am EST)

    Pioneer SA-9900 Integrated Amplifier
    Being new vintage audio, it's hard to know where to go get equipment looked at by an honest reputable tech. Luckily Cornell has a fantastic reputation in the online audio community and was
    universally recommended when I needed to have my flea market Pioneer 9900 integrated lookd at due to a weak left channel.

    To say that he had my Pioneer diagnosed and fixed in a timely manner is an understatement. He had my amplifier ready in 2 days; it took me longer to come to pick up my amplifier than for him to fix
    it! Not only was he able to tell me the repairs I would need, he was able to suggest other repairs that, while not needed, would help prolong the life of my amplifier.

    It's been just over a year since I've had Cornell work on my Pioneer and I can happily say that not only is it still going strong, it sounds better than before I took it in.

  • Nick Mckibbin (Sunday, November 09 14 08:47 pm EST)

    Excellent Service
    I took my vintage Pioneer SX 950 to Cornell for a full recap, and to fix a heavily distorting right channel. Not only was the work completed in a timely manner, but the level of knowledge and
    professionalism shown by Cornell was truly outstanding. It sounds so much better than it did before I brought it in I could not be more pleased.
    Will do buisness again!!!

  • HD (Monday, November 24 14 12:54 am EST)

    Cornell is the real thing. Honest, prompt, responsive, and really knows what he's doing. His rates are incredibly reasonable for his level of competence.
    I took two pieces of gear to him and he gave me estimates within a day. The work was finished the following day. He babysat my amp looking for an intermittent problem over a weekend and held his
    price on the bill since it didn't act up on his bench.
    If you're considering having work done on your gear, this is your guy. I couldn't be happier.

  • Don Randolph (Tuesday, November 25 14 07:35 pm EST)

    Honesty, Integrity and Knowledge
    In a world that is rapidly losing touch with the concenpt of quality in audio reproduction, the outstanding benchwork of Cornell Smith remains the bastion for those who do appreciate it and need
    repairs done without compromise. He is now the only Doctor I trust to operated on my McIntosh equipment.

  • Yaron Yarden (Monday, December 08 14 11:04 pm EST)

    A true professional
    Cornell serviced my MC2105 in the beginning of 2014, when one channel failed. He brought it up to spec and it sounded amazing. I had an estimate within 24 hours, and the repair was done within 48
    hours. Now I'm back for more (New faceplate for the MC2105, and service for a C26). His rates are very reasonable and I look forward to getting back in town to pick them up. The Audio Doctor
    opretates, the surgery succeeds, and the patients look and sounds better than ever. Thank you Cornell!

  • Mike Clifford (Sunday, December 28 14 04:24 am EST)

    A True Professional
    I brought my McIntosh MX110 to Cornell for a checkup and tuning based on his reputation and references. I needed a quick turnaround as well since I was visiting from out of state. Cornell is one of
    those rare individuals in his line of work who not only provides excellent service but also takes the time to answer questions and explain technical complexities....and all for a reasonable rate. I
    will be bringing all my Mc equipment, both new and vintage, to him when the need arises. Thanks Cornell and see you again in the near future.

  • Nick Aguilar (Tuesday, January 20 15 08:46 pm EST)

    Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amp
    I brought my Model 30 to Cornell after twice attempting to have it repaired. He spent the time to properly diagnose that wrong parts were installed previously.I'm a very happy customer and am highly
    recommending him. Honesty, integrity, fair charges for the work performed. You can't ask for any better! Thank you!

  • Randy Moudry (Tuesday, February 17 15 03:46 am EST)

    Cornell has worked on two of my receivers and done an excellent prompt job at a reasonable price. Tremendous attention to detail. He is a pleasure to work with.

  • Rick Aylward (Sunday, March 01 15 09:51 pm EST)

    Restoration on my vintage reciever
    I have a Yamaha CR 2020 receiver that I bought back in my high school days ( mid 1970's) from Audio Consultants in Evanston IL. It had been sitting in a closet unused for the past 15 years or so. I
    decided to start using it again but wanted to have it checked out and repaired / restored as needed before I hit the ON button. Cornell was recommended to me by several people as the top Yamaha
    expert in the Southwest. He did an excellent job making it look and operate like a brand new unit. He was great to work with. The results were even better than I had hoped, and the cost was very
    reasonable considering the quality of his work. All told he gets my highest possible recommendation! Thank you Cornell!!!

  • David Franks (Friday, March 06 15 09:53 pm EST)

    Yamaha CR2020
    I too own a Yamaha CR2020 which I purchased brand new in 1979--I still have the original packaging and manual; and it still looks beautiful. I had a problem with the left channel cutting out
    intermittently and a couple of the meter lights were burned out. I brought the unit to Cornell, he did his magic, and I think I’m good for another 36 years. I’ll be bringing him my NAD 7400 next.

  • Mickey Clements (Tuesday, March 17 15 09:55 pm EDT)

    Great Service- Easy to work with
    Cornell did a fantastic job getting my broken old Technics receiver up and running like new. He was very easy to work with, and extremely responsive to my emails/phone calls.

  • David Powwell (Thursday, March 26 15 02:01 am EDT)

    McIntosh Repairs
    Cornell is easy and knowledgable guy to work with. I have been having problems with my vintage McIntosh(1960's-1970's)gear. Local guys in town tried but couldn't figure the issue out. Then I found
    Cornell, and he was able to fix it. Cornell is worth the trip.

  • Lute Thompson (Friday, March 27 15 06:40 am EDT)

    McIntosh Equipment
    Cornell has been most helpful to me and my enjoyment of my audio equipment. He had to do some real detective work; uncovering an intermittent ground problem with a preamplifier. Thanks, Cornell

  • Kyle (Friday, April 24 15 11:02 pm EDT)

    Yamaha CR 3020
    Greetings: My name is Kyle and I recently came into procession of a rarity the rather large and beautiful Yamaha CR 3020. My local tech has gone over it but I believe it needs to be refurbished and
    bought up to the original specs. Can this be done @ your shop? Thanks in advance.

  • Stuart (Monday, May 04 15 07:22 pm EDT)

    Amazing repair
    Cornell impressively repaired my B%26O turntable. Even though the turntable is old, he was able to quickly identify the problems with the turntable. Throughout the process, he timely communicated
    with me so that I was informed of his progress. All told, his repair and communication skills made this a a great experience.

  • Jim Feeney (Saturday, May 23 15 11:40 pm EDT)

    Was having trouble with my MAC1900 FM band. I had taken it to another shop that had not repaired it. After doing my online homework, I found Cornell. I do not want to sound like a broken record, but
    Cornell is as other postings have said. He gave me a repair estimate within 2 days, and my Mac was ready for pickup about a week later. Cornell was thorough, honest and fair. And my 1900 is working
    as it should. I live in the Phoenix area and dropped it off and picked it up myself. I can assure anyone that Cornell is a professional running a professional shop.

  • Alex (Monday, June 29 15 07:32 pm EDT)

    Pioneer turntable repair
    I brought an old Pioneer PL-50A turntable to Cornell to service. It belonged to my dad but he had it sitting in his garage in the Bay Area for over 20 years. I convinced dad to let me provide it a
    new home. The last time I saw it, it worked. But I figured that laying dormant in a dusty garage was not a good thing.

    Not only did Cornell service the system, but he did a stellar job of cleaning the exterior. The wood panels looked fairly new and the smoked lid looked brand new.

    When I brought the turntable home, the platter was rotating slowly. I called Cornell and he told me to bring it back. It was a little piece (don't remember the name) that was stressed, likely from me
    driving back. He replaced the piece and suggested I remove the heavy platter as its vibration while driving may have damaged that piece.

    When I returned home, the turntable ran perfectly.

    Cornell has more than earned my future business.

  • Mike Bernays (Wednesday, July 01 15 03:50 am EDT)

    repair of dvd player
    I have a Sony DVD player that I have been using for several years as my cd player. It began to not be able to read the discs, so I took it to Cornell. He quoted me a reasonable bench fee to examine
    it and discovered it needed a new optical pickup which is no longer available. He only charged half the quoted fee. Very satisfied with his service despite the unsuccessful nature of his efforts.

  • John L Frigo (Monday, July 13 15 04:02 am EDT)

    McIntosh MC 2105 amplifier
    I took the Mac amplifier to LMC in Tempe, AZ for service. It had been fifteen years since I last used it because the speaker switch was defective. Cornell called me with the diagnosis and we had a
    great conversation. He quoted me a fair price and he repaired the amp quickly. He also gave me the option of replacing the panel lamps with LEDs. Wow! That amp looks and sounds brand new! I will have
    him as my audio doctor from now on.

  • G.W. Northan (Friday, July 17 15 02:18 am EDT)

    MX112 repair
    Cornell was rapid, fair, professional and helpful. I am very satisfied and can recommend him.

  • Bill Shepherd (Thursday, July 23 15 02:21 am EDT)

    Linn Axis motor board problem
    Hello Cornell, I've been using a Linn Axis turntable to play vinyl on, but the motor no longer maintains precise speed. I'm wondering if the cca is servicable, or if I should replace the entire
    motor/board, assuming their even available?
    Thanks for any advice that you may have.
    Bill Shepherd

  • Craig O'Brien (Thursday, July 23 15 10:47 pm EDT)

    Restoration of Old Components
    Cornell Smith did excellent, exceptional work on my two a/d/s PA-4 amplifiers. The amplifiers are old, from the ‘80’s, but were well made. I like using older components so that I save a little money,
    but get to enjoy great performance. Mr. Smith made the magic happen. He rebuilt the two amps with the right high quality components. (One aspect of the rebuild was replacing the original
    inputs/outputs with Rahn %26 Cardas fixtures – well worth the money) The amps now fit perfectly in my rig: Sony ES CD player used as a transport, TOSLINKed to a Parasound DAC, then into a Quicksilver
    Audio linestage preamp, through the PA-4’s, into KEF LS50 speakers. The full, bridged power from the restored amps permits a tremendous depth of field and soundstage from the speakers. The process of
    working on these amps was not simple because one of the amps was hammered by FEDEX and had to go back for a second reconstruction. Cornell did not bat an eye, simply repairing the damage and moving
    forward. I was trying to think of how to say how much I trust Cornell Smith to do the right work, and skillfully. I have to fall back on saying that I will send all of my components to Mesa, it’s
    that simple for me. I love the music most of all and anything I play now sounds great!

  • Craig O'Brien (Thursday, July 23 15 10:48 pm EDT)

    Restoration of Old Components
    Cornell Smith did excellent, exceptional work on my two a/d/s PA-4 amplifiers. The amplifiers are old, from the ‘80’s, but were well made. I like using older components so that I save a little money,
    but get to enjoy great performance. Mr. Smith made the magic happen. He rebuilt the two amps with the right high quality components. (One aspect of the rebuild was replacing the original
    inputs/outputs with Rahn and Cardas fixtures – well worth the money) The amps now fit perfectly in my rig: Sony ES CD player used as a transport, TOSLINKed to a Parasound DAC, then into a Quicksilver
    Audio linestage preamp, through the PA-4’s, into KEF LS50 speakers. The full, bridged power from the restored amps permits a tremendous depth of field and soundstage from the speakers. The process of
    working on these amps was not simple because one of the amps was hammered by FEDEX and had to go back for a second reconstruction. Cornell did not bat an eye, simply repairing the damage and moving
    forward. I was trying to think of how to say how much I trust Cornell Smith to do the right work, and skillfully. I have to fall back on saying that I will send all of my components to Mesa, it’s
    that simple for me. I love the music most of all and anything I play now sounds great!

  • James May (Saturday, August 22 15 11:22 pm EDT)

    Schematic for a McIntosh CR7 Remote Volume nad switching unit with Power on/off
    I purchased a very nice CR7 remote unit from Audio Classics about 18 years ago and it has worked flawlessly. Since having to retire early with disabilities as a Network Specialist, my funds are short
    this year thanks to paying for Part D Medicare Prescription supplemental which works out to $789.00 less this year. I noticed the unit had acquired a small dent in the lower left front panel after
    being with family for a weekend reunion. My friend that I live with has Adv. MS and he accidentally knocked the stand over the CR7 sits on. So I opened it up and carefully removed a couple circuit
    boards in order to completely clean the unit and check for possible signs of wear etc. While in the process, a grey wire that was soldered to the upper circuit board had fallen off. So I checked the
    area where I noticed this wire was attached and could only find one solder joint with lots of bright light and a bifocal magnifying glass where some stranded wire had been attached. So I stripped a
    small end of the wire and tinned it to be placed back where I figured it belonged. I reassembled the unit and everything switch wise worked through the remote control, but the volume sounded muffled.
    When the unit was apart I also noticed a pink colored wired attached to a number one pin of a Toshiba IC which had a 3.3K ohm resistor soldered 4 pins down the same side of the IC. Something that has
    worked very well for years when cleaning and servicing electronics, is a small mixture of Cramolin ol to 91% or better rubbing alcohol to clean contact switched and IC sockets to prevent future
    issues with corrosion and providing a noise free cleaning that lasts a long time. If some has a photo of the inside components of a CR7 or a picture of the factory schematic that usually comes with
    the user guide and warranty card when purchased new. Well I have everything but the service sheet. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated from one McIntosh owner to another.

    Thank you for reading my request as I hope to share some of the very many models of McIntosh equipment I have owned and or repaired starting back in 1973 as a CET at Oregon Typewriter and Hi Fi. I
    always looked forward to the McIntosh Clinics and watching Gordon Gow do his testing and replacing tubes at No Charge to bring a vintage amplifier back to factory specs or better. I really miss the
    chats with Gordon as was a very brilliant engineer that created some of the best models of tuners etc. for all the years he worked at McIntosh Labs in Binghamton NY.
    James May
    Eugene, Oregon

  • Eric (Wednesday, August 26 15 03:01 am EDT)

    Maintenance, repairs, upgrades at an uncompromising value!
    Cornell, is by far the most competent and knowledgeable certified McIntosh service technician in the valley, if not, the whole US! The value I have received in his services and experiences goes well
    beyond expectation.

    Full maintenance tune-up on my Technics table; Fix and upgraded rebuild of my Event ASP8's; Full maintenance and repair on my Yamaha amp. Recaps,cold-solders,IC replacements, calibrations and

    If you're looking to repair, modify or upgrade your system components, you can count on his professionalism to meet your needs! Cornell wants you to be happy with his services and offers immeasurable
    knowledge in helping you decide what options are available within your budget. Thank you very much Cornell! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and look forward to our next meeting!

  • Bart Graffin (Wednesday, August 26 15 05:35 am EDT)

    c-32 preamp
    Read all about Cornell and after our first meeting I liked him right away...a class act and response time I believe no one else can match....Thank you Cornell !..My preamp now sounds wonderful!....I
    highly recommend anyone having issues with others give this man your next will not be disappointed..words just don`t say enough...To the next time!

  • Randy Moudry (Wednesday, September 16 15 05:06 am EDT)

    Once again, I received a piece of equipment from Cornell, in this case a Pioneer RT 909 RtoR, back in superb condition, everything work per spec or better, with a long life ahead. It is really great
    to have someone of his caliber available to renew and repair my Mac, Marantz and other quality equipment.

    Thanks Cornell!

  • Robert Cooper (Monday, September 28 15 08:44 pm EDT)

    General Repairs
    Cornell was responsive, knowledgeable, and very professional. His work is through and competitively priced. I will continue to utilize his services and highly recommend to anyone.

  • Mike (Saturday, October 03 15 06:35 am EDT)

    Speaker Repair
    Would you be able to assist with the repair of my Vandersteen 2 Ce speaker? Need assistance soldering on the repaired woofer.

  • Kevin Fair (Wednesday, October 07 15 12:18 am EDT)

    NAD 7240 Receiver Repair
    I was about to donate my old NAD 7240 receiver to Goodwill, when I thought about giving Cornell a shot at fixing what might be wrong. Cornell to my amazement had my receiver up and sounding great
    again within a couple days! I am a very satisfied customer once again!

  • Clay Rouse (Tuesday, October 13 15 01:52 am EDT)

    Mac 4100 repair
    I just received my McIntosh 4100 receiver back from Cornell and I couldn't be happier with Cornells' work. The receiver now sounds wonderful. Thanks for the great work Cornell!

  • Yaron Yarden (Saturday, October 17 15 04:42 am EDT)

    McIntosh MCD7008
    Cornell worked his magic again! My MC7008 stopped reading cd's. Cornell brought it up to spec and replaced the glass (I had one ordered from McIntosh). It looks, works and sounds like a brand new
    unit. Thank you Cornell! You're the best!

  • Donald Perry (Thursday, October 29 15 06:39 am EDT)

    macintosh 6100
    My mac was a 50 lb paperweight now sounds better then when I bought it. I was very impressed with his knowledge and skill. I plan to use him in the future for my turntable

  • Todd N (Friday, October 30 15 02:30 am EDT)

    Turntable Repair
    Cornell did a great job getting my old turntable resurrected from decades of sitting idle. He turned it around quicker than I expected and even told me when to keep an eye out for my styluses
    lifespan. I highly recommend him for your stereo repair needs.

  • Rick (Monday, November 02 15 04:39 am EST)

    Mcintosh and Nakamichi repairs
    Thanks Cornell both my amp and tape deck look and work like new! What a fast turn around from when I brought them in to completed repairs!! A+ service!!

  • Dan Hess (Wednesday, November 11 15 07:05 pm EST)

    McIntosh Audio repair
    A few years ago my C32 was on the fritz. Called Mc at Binghamton and they recommended you as a highly qualified Mc specialist in the Phoenix area. Since then you have worked on my MC 2200, MC2205 and
    MA6200. All are working like new now.
    It is nice not to have to ship back east and have a local specialist to keep all my old McIntosh stuff in good working order. It would be nice if you would move a little closer to Wickenburg.

    Thanks Cornell. Dan

  • shawn (Wednesday, November 18 15 05:25 am EST)

    Mcintosh MX 113 and MQ 101
    I had Cornell work on my MX 113 and MQ 101
    what an awsome and fast job, plus very reasonable on price. Now i'm digging out other vintage equpt I have to be brought back to factory spec.
    Anybody with Vintage or newer Mcintosh gear needs to see the Doctor.

  • Don Ross (Wednesday, December 02 15 03:45 am EST)

    Marantz 2325 Receiver
    I wanted this unit to be tested and repaired by a professional, so I searched locally and found Cornell Smith, Audio Doctor.
    He painstakingly worked his magic and I am pleased with the results. I then brought to him a Carver Sunfire amp to be tested and it was found to be performing flawlessly. I will continue to engage in
    business with Mr. Cornell Smith, as I trust his expertise.

  • stewart waintroob (Friday, December 11 15 11:44 pm EST)

    I have worked with Cornell for a number of years. It is important to note that I have a BS %26 MS in Electrical Engr. and taught Electronics at Chandler/Gilbert for 5 or so years. Cornell is a truly
    gifted with respect to working with Audio Equipment. He has fixed numerous pieces for me, both tube and solid state. Me knows more tricks to save equipment than I could ever know. He repaired a
    Yamaha Receiver for me and fixed the Phono section although the circuit board was cracked and broken in it. It sounded perfect. He restored an entire Dynaco tube system for me. I have an unfair
    advantage in judging his work because I understand exactly what he is doing when he improves an Amp such as putting Cathode resistors in a couple of Fisher tube receivers. Yes, he's kept up Mcintosh
    gear. Who else would I trust? Now, Cornell isn't the cheapest guy possible, but he is fair, reliable, and he should be able to make a decent living. I am kind of a Altec historian....He is an
    EVERYTHING historian. He is also a nice guy. I am happy to consider him a friend.

  • Reza Malek (Thursday, December 17 15 09:47 pm EST)

    B+O receiver
    Recently, my old B%26O receiver (Beomaster 8000), which was in mint cosmetic condition, malfunctioned. A few enquiries from Scottsdale/Phoenix electronic outfits revealed that Mr. Cornell Smith was
    the best expert for the job. Indeed, I found him to be not only a perfect gentleman but also, equally importantly, the first class technical expert I needed. He masterfully updated/replaced all the
    deteriorating electronic components of my B%26O receiver. Indeed, he cured all of its problems, restored its various functions to perfection, and did so with such care that it remained in
    cosmetically the same perfect condition in which it had been delivered to him. I have nothing but highest regards for Mr. Smith personally, and praise for his care, knowledge, and expertise in his
    chosen field.

    Reza S. Malek, MD, FRCS(C), FACS
    Professor Emeritus of Urology
    Mayo Clinic

  • Fred Davidson (Tuesday, January 12 16 06:13 am EST)

    Vintage Detrola radio/phono

    I own a vintage Detrola Model 327 radio/phono. According to the schematic from, it dates "pre-1941". This is a table-top unit with standard broadcast (i.e. AM) and shortwave. It has
    a 78 RPM direct-drive phono. In the mid-1960s, when I was young boy, our neighbor passed away. Her daughter was a friend of my parents and gave this radio to us. I set it up on the third floor of my
    boyhood home, where I listened to 78 RPM records such as the "Grand Canyon Suite", and where I tuned in shortwave after the sun went down. I even caught the English-language Radio Moscow service from
    time to time, and I learned a bit about something called "Communism" ( :) ). Well, as Dylan Thomas said, "time passed". We moved, and after many years and after the passing of both of my parents, the
    Detrola came back to me. It was in bad shape, having spent a long time in a basement where, among other deterioration, some mice had made a home inside of the unit. I sent it to Tom's Antique Radio
    Repair in Dayton, Ohio. Tom did a magnificent job on the cabinet and got the radio working perfectly, but he was unable to restore the phono. You can see the finished result here:
    %3C Some years later, after moving to Phoenix, I decided to try again to revive the phono. I took the unit to Cornell
    -- the Audio Doctor. He tore apart and tore into the phono with gusto, and he revived it. The unit now plays 78 RPM records again. Boyhood memories come full circle. Thanks, Cornell -- a job well

  • Todd Limbert (Tuesday, February 02 16 10:57 pm EST)

    Rotel RX 802
    Once again the Good doctor has revived one of my old and loved receivers! Always professional and prompt are the reasons I ship from PA to the Doc's desert playground! Thanks again Doc!

  • V R. (Monday, February 08 16 05:01 am EST)

    Definitive Technology speaker
    I had checked around the area and couldn't find an authorized service and repair shop for the speaker. Cornell repaired this speaker and it works great! The repair was completed very quickly and the
    price to repair was competitive. I will use the Audio Doctor for any other repairs. Thank you, Cornell!!

  • Jerry's Audio/Video (Thursday, March 10 16 05:42 am EST)

    One of the BEST technicians on the planet
    We have used Audio Doctor for many years for both factory and out of warranty service. Cornell is one of the most experienced technicians in the valley, if not the planet. My father has had a
    relationship with Cornell since the mid 60's and you will not find a more honest person to work on your high end electronics!!!!


    Michael Kowitz
    Jerry's Audio/Video
    The Home Technology Specialists, since 1970

  • Brad H (Thursday, March 10 16 11:59 pm EST)

    Quality job
    Cornell did a great job replacing my amp board on my sub woofer. Good to know there's a skilled technician available for repairs.

  • Vince R. Felix (Wednesday, March 16 16 02:01 am EDT)

    Turntable clips replace and installing 2M Bronz MM Cartridge
    " WOW " is all I can say about Cornell Smith repair work on my turntable. The repair work was on phono clips and installing a 2M Ortofon Bronz MM cart and let me tell I heard things off my record I
    didn't know existed. Soundstage is alive, the texturing of the sound never heard before...simply amazing!. Mr. Smith will be my new audio vintage repair guy from this day forward. So...if you're
    looking for some who has the golden finders for repairing your gear, " Audio Doctor " is the way to go. Thank you Cornell!

  • John (Tuesday, April 19 16 04:53 am EDT)

    Recap of integrated amp
    Mr Cornell Smith is an asset to anyone wanting to keep vintage gear operating at a high level. Cornell completed a recap of a 40 year old Marantz integrated amp and it sounds fantastic. Cornell
    completed the job quickly and I could not be happier. Thank you!!

  • Keith W (Wednesday, April 27 16 02:05 am EDT)

    Marantz Repair
    Can't stop smiling! Haven't heard my 2285B in 20 years! WOW! Amazing job!

  • James Moyer (Friday, April 29 16 08:31 pm EDT)

    Sansui 9090
    Quality. Sansui 9090 singing....and shining w/ fantastic new matching LED's that match the classic look. Class.

  • Rich Concia (Friday, May 13 16 07:00 pm EDT)

    McIntosh repair
    Mr. Smith is a pleasure to work with. My Mac was flawless and works perfectly now. He also took the time to explain how to improve the performance of my overall set-up. I couldn't be happier.

  • j lawrence dunlavey (Wednesday, May 25 16 12:01 am EDT)

    Repair of Sony TA- 80es - multiple units
    Cornell is the greatest, solid reliable repairs, highly knowledgeable, fun to talk to, always ready, willing, and able to help with repairs or knowledge. Prices are very reasonable - never forget;
    you get what you pay for. And in the case of high quality 1990's high performance units, not easy to find!!!! Always. Good luck Cornell!!!

  • Murry Williams (Wednesday, June 08 16 05:09 am EDT)

    MC2200 Repair
    What a treasure! We moved to northern Arizona from Austin Texas about four years ago with an assortment of 1970's / 1980's quality stereo equipment. When my amp began to have problems, I began to
    search for a repair facility in the valley. I had several conversations with companies saying "just bring it in", to me only red flags.

    A well qualified McIntosh technician in Austin, began to make contacts for me. His friend in Houston told him all about Cornell, along with a story of his experience and long reputation in the
    industry. He was right on every account! If you have any vintage quality stereo equipment look no further...Cornell is your answer.

    Thank you Cornell. You will be seeing more of me in the months and years ahead.

  • Bernard Dobrin (Friday, June 24 16 06:52 am EDT)

    Martin Logan Sequel II speaker
    Martin Logan doesn't have any factory service locations other than the factory and it would have cost a couple of hundred bucks just to send the non-working speaker back for evaluation and repair.
    Luckily I was able to follow up on a couple of leads and found Cornell. He diagnosed and repaired issues that I had never heard of before. Great job and cost less than just the factory shipping.

  • Steve Johnson (Sunday, July 10 16 06:09 am EDT)

    Great repair job...again!
    Six years ago, Cornell repaired my 60 pound Heathkit power amp (AA-1640) from the '70s. Now, once again, it needed help and Cornell fixed it. This thing is almost 50 years old and still sounds great;
    thanks to my original assembly skills and Cornell's troubleshooting and repair skills. He's the go-to guy for this stuff!

  • Rich (Friday, August 12 16 04:00 am EDT)

    Thank You Cornell!
    I Had the pleasure of meeting Cornell in person. My Pioneer SX 1050 was in the of repair, and the vintage nature of such a fine receiver requires the care that only a true professional like Cornell
    can provide. His work was completed in a timely manner, and I have enjoyed having my legendary pioneer receiver back in action. Thank you Cornell!



  • Stewart Waintroob (Thursday, August 25 16 03:37 am EDT)

    Work on Macintosh MX-110 and MC275
    Cornell did fantastic work on my Macintosh MX-110 and MC275. The MC275 and MX-110 both MORE than met their original specs after he worked on them. He virtually rebuilt the MX-110, and found a really
    clever solution to fix the tuner on the MX-110.

    I have a masters in electrical engineering and can honestly say he is the best technical engineer I have ever seen. I feel fortunate for the last 7 or 8 years he has worked on my audio gear. Thanks

  • stewart waintroob (Thursday, August 25 16 03:45 am EDT)

    Dynaco ST-70
    Cornell rebuilt onr of my my ST-70's with very sophisticated upgrade boards. When he was done it performed as well as Mcintosh power amp. It is absolutely beautiful.


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