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  • Rick H (Wednesday, May 20 20 04:06 pm EDT)

    Cornell did a wonderful job re-bulbing the front panels of my McIntosh MC7106 as well as my McIntosh MC352. The LED's look great and should last forever! A timely fix as well. Thanks Cornell, will not hesitate to use you again should the need arise.

  • Matthew Porter (Saturday, May 16 20 08:48 pm EDT)

    Cornell repaired my Rogue Audio Atlas power Amplifier! He had it done within a matter of days. The work was excellent and he is a great guy to talk to! Thanks!

  • Mark (Thursday, April 30 20 07:46 pm EDT)

    Cornell, thank you so much for restoring my Adcom amps they rock!
    Even thru these tough times we are experiencing in our nation you came thru as a true professional.
    Best regards, Mark S

  • Eric Altmann (Thursday, February 13 20 04:54 pm EST)

    Cornell Smith has serviced my vintage McIntosh MC300s several times over the years and is a rare find these days. A true craftsman and the fact that he is an authorized service center for McIntosh says it all. Cornell is true gentleman and a pleasure to do business with.

  • Bob Vargo (Sunday, February 02 20 11:14 am EST)

    My 47 year old McIntosh system (C-26 preamp & MC2100 amp) had static, some distortion, popping turning it on and off, and uneven channels. I researched it and decided the Audio Dr. was the best choice for repair. Boy was this the right choice. Cornell did a fantastic job. It operates as good as ever and sounds great. He seems to have access & expertise others do not have. I am totally pleased and I'm expecting it to last another 47 years!

  • Terry Carter (Monday, January 27 20 04:27 pm EST)

    Cornell’s knowledge on McIntosh is second to none! He brought a very tired mx110 back life. I can’t say enough about his attention to detail.

  • Doug M (Tuesday, January 21 20 05:09 pm EST)

    Work on Mcintosh amp & preamp

    I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to Cornell Smith of Audio Doctor for all his help with servicing and repairing several pieces of hi-end audio equipment over the past year or so.  His analysis and testing - both before and after repairing these electronic components - has been very thorough and comprehensive.  He has many years of experience at diagnosing and trouble-shooting a wide variety of makes and models of equipment, especially when it comes to McIntosh products.  He has done an excellent job at repairing and revitalizing these units for me and he is an easy going and likable gentleman to work with.  I recommend Cornell to anyone who seeks a quality result and positive experience in having audio repairs done.

  • Bob Ralston (Thursday, December 12 19 05:17 pm EST)

    Mac. 1900
    My first piece of Mac gear is back to 100% thanks to Cornell. I was really impressed with the quick turnaround. The quality of Cornell’s work is outstanding.

  • Anthony DiStefano (Tuesday, October 29 19 08:37 pm EDT)

    I brought in an NAD integrated amp (320BEE) that was making the wrong sounds when playing. Two weeks and two new capacitors later, it sounds great. Cornell was very friendly, and I especially appreciate how helpful he was in answering questions I had about a lot of things, including new components I was considering buying. He's obviously very knowledgeable, and I'll have no hesitation bring other equipment to him should I need to. Highly recommended.

  • Bruce Kirby (Thursday, October 10 19 09:47 am EDT)

    I recently had my Pioneer SX-828 restored to factory specs. The sound is what I remember. Mr. Smith is a genius !! I also respect the professional manner in which Mr. Smith runs his business. I am very pleased I chose Audio Doctor to do this work

  • Don Grossenbacher (Monday, September 30 19 03:10 pm EDT)

    An intermittent problem with my McIntosh 352 power amp was successfully diagnosed and repaired by Cornell. I would recommend to anyone in need of a reputable repair service for their high quality audio equipment to give Cornell a call. You'll find him to be a friendly gentleman, easy to talk to, with an obviously high level of knowledge and expertise in matters related to audio. Good work, Cornell, and thank you!

  • Jerry B (Friday, June 21 19 03:38 pm EDT)

    Great service from a true professional. Cornell repaired a couple pieces of vintage Yamaha gear I had to work like new. Just wish he was in the Northwest Valley though!

  • Brion Miller (Tuesday, January 15 19 09:12 pm EST)

    Cornell repaired my MX121 Macintosh a/v control center in a timely manner at a resonable fee. thnaks again Cornell

  • Bartram Graffin (Sunday, December 09 18 05:21 pm EST)

    Cornell,..You are without a doubt...the very best ! Thank you for all the hard work you`ve done for me. Bart

  • k d lindner Lindner (Wednesday, November 07 18 07:40 pm EST)

    Work done promptly; excellent work; completely cleaned 8 pieces of mac equipment

  • Stephen Barry (Monday, October 01 18 07:08 pm EDT)

    If you want a job done right ,Cornell is the one that you should have to repair your system .He has done wonders for me and he doesn't take any shortcuts

  • Brian Barry (Saturday, September 22 18 10:59 am EDT)

    I was pleasantly surprised when Cornell told me that he had worked Technics tt's since they first came out circa 1972. That put me at ease. He replaced the tone arm and ground wire. I'm super pleased.

    Thanks Cornell!!!

  • Richard Moen (Saturday, September 08 18 05:30 pm EDT)

    I recently acquired a McIntosh MC7200. It had some burned out bulbs and bubbled glass, Cornell replaced the glass and replaced all the bulbs with LEDs. It now looks as good as it sounds - GREAT! Work was done quickly and at a fair price. I feel fortunate to have Cornell close enough to take care of my McIntosh equipment.

  • Chip Richardson (Friday, August 03 18 06:13 pm EDT)

    Cornell is a superb technician and a pleasure to work with. Recommend highly.

  • Chip Richardson (Friday, August 03 18 06:07 pm EDT)

    Cornell is a superb technician and a pleasure to work with. Recommend highly.

  • Jay Taylor (Thursday, July 19 18 05:46 pm EDT)

    Cornell repaired my Tandberg 4000x in a timely manner. As usual, the whole experience was great. It's invaluable to have someone as knowledgeable and trustworthy as he is to rely on.

  • Eric Wolfe (Friday, June 22 18 11:35 am EDT)

    I sent my Marantz receiver to the Audio Doctor because one channel had started to cut out intermittently. I requested a repair of the problem and also asked for an overall inspection. A previous owner (eBayer) had made some amateur repairs and added LED lighting (way too bright). Cornell went through the unit and brought it back to full functionality. I really appreciate the judgment calls he made during the repair to keep costs in line. Sounds great and looks great.
    Thanks Cornell!

  • Mike Hamil (Tuesday, May 29 18 04:22 pm EDT)

    I couldn't be happier. Fair price and quick service. Thank you cornell. Mike H.

  • Stephen Barry (Saturday, February 24 18 04:56 pm EST)

    Cornell is first rate ,He has repaired my McIntosh MHT100 and when I got the MHT200 and it malfunctioned Cornell got it working the way it was made to work right out of the factory. Any questions I had via Email were answered promptly.

  • Rick Schumm (Thursday, February 22 18 07:22 pm EST)

    Cornell, thanks for the great job repairing my McIntosh 2505 amp and McIntosh C31V preamp. Really happy with the results, and the fast turnaround time! Thanks Again.

  • Rick Schumm (Thursday, February 22 18 07:21 pm EST)

    Cornell, thanks for the great job repairing my McIntosh 2505 amp and McIntosh C31V preamp. Really happy with the results, and the fast turnaround time! Thanks Again.

  • Pat Diamond (Saturday, February 17 18 11:56 pm EST)

    I recently moved from the Midwest to AZ and my McIntosh MA6100 integrated amp developed humming and output channel issues after 34 years of ownership. Fortunately I discovered a McIntosh genius with a heart of gold. Cornell did a superior job of diagnosis, repair, and restoration pumping the audiophile quality back into the amp. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with the audio doctor and I would not hesitate to recommend Cornell to others chasing their dream of bringing their vintage audio equipment back to new condition performance levels.

  • Pat Diamond (Saturday, February 17 18 10:21 pm EST)

    Thanks to Cornell, my McIntosch MA6100 integrated amp that I’ve owned for 34 years is back in the high fidelity life again. Cornell’s expert diagnosis and replacement of compromised electrolytic caps and output transistors has restored my beloved amp. I am pleased to have met such a competent audio expert with a heart of gold. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to others. He’s the master and a pleasure to do business with!

  • Elias Leger (Saturday, February 03 18 05:56 pm EST)

    Thank you, Cornell, for solving the tube bias problem with my amp. I am very satisfied with your quality of work and appreciate your dependability and professionalism.


  • Frank Szatkowski (Wednesday, January 31 18 05:55 pm EST)

    I've had several high end units, McIntosh, Audio Research, Herron Audio, checked out and/or repaired by Cornell and can tell you he knows his stuff. His charges are fair, and he is reliable. You can trust him with you most prized component.

  • Gary King (Tuesday, January 30 18 02:46 pm EST)

    I needed my Marantz 2270 repaired and fortunately found Cornell thru several referrals. Amazingly, Cornell had worked on this unit in the past when he was at a local Hi-Fi store.
    I very much appreciate his expertise and was astounded when he turned around my repair in an exceptionally short amount of time. I am very pleased with the results. We are very fortunate to have to someone of Cornell's ability still working on these types of units.
    Thank you very much Cornell.

  • Rich Corbin (Wednesday, January 17 18 09:24 pm EST)

    Cornell rejuvenated my Marantz PM 68 integrated amplifier. His passion for vintage audio gear is reflected in the quality of his work. I am grateful for his service and I look forward to doing business with him again.

    Thank you Cornell.

    Rich Corbin

  • Paul O'Brian (Tuesday, January 16 18 10:44 pm EST)

    My vintage Pioneer SX 850 receiver was having big problems with vinyl playback- lots of static and poor, intermittent play. Mr. Smith responded to my e-mail kindly, and asked me to set an appointment to bring it in. I thought the phono stage needed work; this turned out to not be the case. All of the switches, to include the phono 1 and 2 push button switches, needed to be removed for thorough ultrasonic cleaning, and reinstallation, so this was done, after which the operating parameters of the unit were checked .The work was done quickly and expertly,; when I picked my receiver up and took it home , I was amazed at the sound of which the unit was now capable. I had been considering replacing the Pickering cartridge I am running in my Pioneer PL-12 turntable ( bought to be a "match" with the receiver ) - the work done to the receiver quashed any further consideration of such- it simply does not need to have the cartridge replaced. The whole set up has never sounded this good, and is the most satisfying equipment in my home office ( Yes, the computer is just a big, electronic tool, as it was conceived to be ).Mr Smith is the best man for sound service and upgrades equipment I have yet met.

  • Richard Moyers (Wednesday, December 20 17 09:20 pm EST)

    I highly recommend without any reservation Cornell Smith for all serious audio repair needs.

    Cornell expertly repaired my 1975 vintage audiophile grade Audire Amplifier and Pre-amplifier with conscientious dedication and respect, using only the finest parts available to match or exceed the specs of the original equipment. The work was also completed in a timely manner, with excellent communication.

  • Edward Townley (Tuesday, December 19 17 11:27 pm EST)

    If you have a Thorens turntable that needs repair or a tune up. Cornell is the guy to bring it too. Two Thorens tables repaired and I'm a happy camper. Nice job Cornell.

  • Mike Clauson (Sunday, October 22 17 04:20 pm EDT)

    I bought an MC2205 that really needed some TLC to get it back to factory specs. Not only does it work like new, but after replacing the bulbs with LED's, it lo0oks like new too. I won't let anyone else work on my equipment, from now on.

  • Lute Thompson (Tuesday, September 19 17 06:36 pm EDT)

    Cornell has done it again! He keeps my McIntosh 275 andMX113 performing as new!

  • Scott Oakley (Saturday, September 16 17 07:54 am EDT)

    McIntosh MA-6900 Int. Amp Repair
    How much time do you have? Okay, I'll give you the short version: I was downsizing so I sold my MA6900 to a guy in the midwest, shipping it via UPS. As this gentleman eagerly looked out his living window on a rainy night, one of the two UPS drivers unloading the unit slipped and dropped it nose-first onto the wet pavement!

    I promptly returned his money and began the UPS return/insurance process. The unit was shipped to UPS for inspection and then on to the store where it was shipped from. I looked into the box and was astonished: smashed glass, bent front fascia, etc etc.

    UPS would pay for repair only after getting an estimate from...of course, Cornell who quickly and dutifully provided said estimate and I brought the unit to his house. His house is a tech guru's dream! Electronic equipment on shelves EVERYWHERE. We talked Beatles, music, McIntosh, etc etc. Just an all around nice guy. Who, of course, fixed the MA6900 quickly and professionally.

    In short, you simply cant do any better when it comes to electronics repair.

  • Peter farinelli (Friday, September 15 17 10:14 pm EDT)

    I brought a beloved, 45 year old reel to reel player to Cornell for an evaluation. He diagnosed and repaired my deck in a very timely manner. He is friendly and knowledgeable. He gave me the gift of being able to listen to and watch my 651 in action. I am very pleased with his expertise and service. I was so pleased with the work that I brought my fathers R2R to Cornell for reconditioning.

  • Brian Mahs (Wednesday, September 06 17 05:16 pm EDT)

    Another satisfied customer! Thank you Cornell for fixing my Pioneer SX780 so quickly. It sounds great again! I'm delighted with your service and will certainly recommend you to friends.

  • Fred Root (Saturday, July 29 17 02:59 pm EDT)

    Cornell did an excellent job on my Revox A77 Reel to Reel. Worth the drive from Tucson!

  • David Hinton (Wednesday, July 26 17 01:35 pm EDT)

    I was very fortunate to have found Cornell Smith, a highly qualified audio tech in the Phoenix area, who is more than capable of maintaining vintage stereo equipment. I found Cornell to be a no nonsense tech who will perform an honest an quality repair job with a short turn-around time. I told him please not retire any time soon since their a few of his kind left from the golden age of high-end stereo.

  • Marshall Wozniak (Saturday, June 24 17 01:01 pm EDT)

    Cornell worked on my Marantz Models 7T, 15 and 20. He compiled the repair quickly and I cold not be more satisfied. Thank you very much.

  • stewart waintroob (Thursday, August 25 16 03:45 am EDT)

    Dynaco ST-70
    Cornell rebuilt onr of my my ST-70's with very sophisticated upgrade boards. When he was done it performed as well as Mcintosh power amp. It is absolutely beautiful.


  • Stewart Waintroob (Thursday, August 25 16 03:37 am EDT)

    Work on Macintosh MX-110 and MC275
    Cornell did fantastic work on my Macintosh MX-110 and MC275. The MC275 and MX-110 both MORE than met their original specs after he worked on them. He virtually rebuilt the MX-110, and found a really
    clever solution to fix the tuner on the MX-110.

    I have a masters in electrical engineering and can honestly say he is the best technical engineer I have ever seen. I feel fortunate for the last 7 or 8 years he has worked on my audio gear. Thanks

  • Rich (Friday, August 12 16 04:00 am EDT)

    Thank You Cornell!
    I Had the pleasure of meeting Cornell in person. My Pioneer SX 1050 was in the of repair, and the vintage nature of such a fine receiver requires the care that only a true professional like Cornell
    can provide. His work was completed in a timely manner, and I have enjoyed having my legendary pioneer receiver back in action. Thank you Cornell!



  • Steve Johnson (Sunday, July 10 16 06:09 am EDT)

    Great repair job...again!
    Six years ago, Cornell repaired my 60 pound Heathkit power amp (AA-1640) from the '70s. Now, once again, it needed help and Cornell fixed it. This thing is almost 50 years old and still sounds great;
    thanks to my original assembly skills and Cornell's troubleshooting and repair skills. He's the go-to guy for this stuff!

  • Bernard Dobrin (Friday, June 24 16 06:52 am EDT)

    Martin Logan Sequel II speaker
    Martin Logan doesn't have any factory service locations other than the factory and it would have cost a couple of hundred bucks just to send the non-working speaker back for evaluation and repair.
    Luckily I was able to follow up on a couple of leads and found Cornell. He diagnosed and repaired issues that I had never heard of before. Great job and cost less than just the factory shipping.

  • Murry Williams (Wednesday, June 08 16 05:09 am EDT)

    MC2200 Repair
    What a treasure! We moved to northern Arizona from Austin Texas about four years ago with an assortment of 1970's / 1980's quality stereo equipment. When my amp began to have problems, I began to
    search for a repair facility in the valley. I had several conversations with companies saying "just bring it in", to me only red flags.

    A well qualified McIntosh technician in Austin, began to make contacts for me. His friend in Houston told him all about Cornell, along with a story of his experience and long reputation in the
    industry. He was right on every account! If you have any vintage quality stereo equipment look no further...Cornell is your answer.

    Thank you Cornell. You will be seeing more of me in the months and years ahead.

  • j lawrence dunlavey (Wednesday, May 25 16 12:01 am EDT)

    Repair of Sony TA- 80es - multiple units
    Cornell is the greatest, solid reliable repairs, highly knowledgeable, fun to talk to, always ready, willing, and able to help with repairs or knowledge. Prices are very reasonable - never forget;
    you get what you pay for. And in the case of high quality 1990's high performance units, not easy to find!!!! Always. Good luck Cornell!!!

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