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Audio Doctor

AudioDoctor is here to provide you with first class repair, maintainance and modification of your McIntosh audio component. I'll try to enlighten you as to my frame of mind and why you might want to concider AudioDoctor for your next repair quandary.

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My earliest memory of a lifelong facination with things electronic was finding a Zenith Trans-Oceanic radio in my parent's basement at around age 5. It didn't work, and I could not understand why. I was facinated with this radio, and spent hours trying to get it apart. Thinking I should not be playing with something potentially dangerous, over my protests, the radio was thrown out.

As I grew, I became adept at building projects published in Popular Electronics and Radio Electronics magazines. My first Heathkit, an model A9C amplifier, was assembled as a school project in 6th grade. A ham friend got me my first transistor, a Raytheon CK722, which became the basis for a string of pocket radios that went on until I finally broke a lead off the device. I tried to fix it (after all, it cost $12.) and failed. I tried to install a microphone in a friend's clock radio and ended up burning a hole in her coat with my 'solder iron', which was actually a wood burner. Needless to say, my folks were not very happy with me at this point and curtailed my early carreer. A string of quasi- hifi's followed, with the Heathkit running an RCA 45 rpm player, and a Webcor wire recorder a friend's dad had given me. A variety of speakers were tried, including a 'borrowed' woofer and horn driver purloined from one side of the folk's Magnevox console.

I attended Arizona State University and enrolled in the Electronic Technology program, taking one of the last courses in Vacuum Tube technology taught by Prof. C. Z. Board. I was a good student, but newly married with a baby on the way meant a full time job, and school was put on the back burner.

My experience in the field is drawn from managing the day- to- day service operations of one of Arizona's largest and oldest Audio dealers, HI FI SALES in Mesa. One of the state's oldest speciality dealers, we sold a variety of brands over the years- Acoustic Research, Audio Research, McIntosh, Sony, Yamaha, Integra by Onkyo, Denon, Parasound, Paradigm, and Anthem to name a few. I designed the layout of the service department for our new building, managed the department, and did repairs on a variety of Audio and Video equipment; running the gamut from Teddy Ruxpin toys to DLP projectors- and everything in between. Unfortunately due to economic conditions, this 50 year old company closed its doors in January 2008. After over 30 years employment here, I was out of a job.

I started AudioDoctor out of my love for all things audio and McIntosh equipment in particular; and at the urgings of friends and associates in the industry. There was no longer a shop in the area equipped to handle repairs on High End and better audio components. Drawing business from several area retailers and audiophile clients, I got a lot of encouragement and soon had enough equipment coming in to keep me occupied. With the  help of the good folks at LMC Home Entertainment in Tempe and Scottsdale, I was able to become an Authorized Service Agency for McIntosh products. 

I invite clients to comment about the services I've provided them on my Guestbook page. You're welcome to check out their comments.


I look forward to serving you.

Thanks, Cornell


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