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Thank you for visiting! AudioDoctor provides Repair, Maintainance, and Modifications of vintage McIntosh stereo equipment for the Audiophile. While McIntosh Labs  products are my speciality, I invite your inquiries and questions about your equipment, whether it's a problem you would like to discuss or just a question in general. Feel free to look at or add to my guestbook on this website.

Services Provided

  • Restoration of Tuners, Preamps and Amps
  • Modifications and component part updates.
  • Factory Authorized Warranty Service on McIntosh and Parasound products.

I am located in Phoenix, Arizona. Equipment can be dropped off by appointment or I can arrange for pickup & delivery, as well as installation through associate companies.


If you are out of the area, equipment can be shipped via FedEx or UPS. I will provide you with shipping information and packing instructions upon acceptance of your job.

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Please email a description of your equipment and the problems you are experiencing, with a phone number and time to call. Please be as thorough as possible. I'll research your problem and contact you ASAP and we will discuss your options. While I will respond to all email, I can't guarantee I can help you. I don't take in all equipment in, only units I feel I can effectively repair.

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Phone 480-759-3724

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Audio Doctor

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Phone: 480-759-3724

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